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Post-Modern Americana meets Classic Hip-Hop

Beat-Maker and Producer Hasans' Production house of Pleasure Mine Recordings - 0000 0004 6586 0976 (ISNI), Urban Sufi Music - Sesac - 364883 (Publisher number) & The Footprints Catalog.


The Know!, The Dough ($), and The GO! comprises eight tracks, all recorded at the Acklan studio. Combining post-modern hip-hop with jazz fusion.

Acklan has created a unique sound that blends elements of jazz and electronica. This brings a new level of creativity and innovation to the Jazztronica genre. Algorythms is an exciting and captivating listening experience. ~HA

The sound is diverse, ranging from experimental hip-hop to jazztronica. The EP showcases my creativity and skill as a producer and beat-maker. It's an impressive piece of work that demonstrates talent. ~HA

Rahmatika reveals nothing at first glance, just doodles and swirls, and no smiling faces. I've redacted a few glimpses of a series of music that may one day be available on vinyl. ~HA

Wildcraft is the latest Acklan album/project from Hasan (aka dhua). Wildcraft (2022) was recorded on Akai GX-266 (Gemini) 1/8 Reel. The sound is Amazing and fits the artwork precisely. ~HA

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